Tim Claus Bardenhagen works in Strategic Product Management at DESMA Schuhmaschinen in Achim. With his degrees in Business Administration and Sales Management he is well prepared for his task to explain old and new customers our innovative technology. This job makes him travel a lot. But recently he made a trip around the world for a completely different reason. But let´s let Mr. Bardenhagen tell the story himself:

„Having started fencing foil (one of the three weapons in international fencing) at the age of 10, I never imagined ending up where I just returned from!

In those days while still being in elementary school, my attention was caught by a flyer from the local Bremen fencing club FCBN e.V. and basically this is when I fell in love with a sport which is neither quite common nor very relatable to Northern Germany. Fencing became part of my life and even having had some injuries and having shifted active sport activities from fencing to fitness and golf has not changed anything.
When actively fencing was not possible anymore I started refereeing in fencing and became one of the youngest referees holding first a national and then an international referee license. Whereas class mates or fellow students spend their weekends partying or relaxing, I usually started either driving or flying to different places in and outside of Germany.

And this in the end led to one of the most memorable emails and moments in October 2019. I was travelling in Italy and at one of those mornings I received the official designation to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Overwhelmed and simultaneously not really aware of what has just happened I continued travelling. During the upcoming days I got more aware that I would be one of the 11 chosen referees worldwide to attend the Olympic Games which in fencing is the most important competition for both sportsmen and officials.

As any other part of society also Fencing was heavily affected by Covid-19 and this let to Tokyo 2020 being postponed to 2021. However, I was prepared, eager to finally start and on 20th July 2021 I finally flew to Tokyo: summarizing my first Olympic Games I can say that this has been really really cool – despite an amount of measures preventing a further spread of Covid-19 Tokyo was a great host and as the icing on the top I had the honor to judge two Bronze-Medal matches resulting in two happy medalists! An amazing journey which I was able to spend with friends and colleagues and a memorable first participation in Olympic Games which I hope fully can add another participation under “normal” circumstances to!“
(Photos by Nico Franz (Header) and Team Bizzi)

Markus Rottwinkel

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