This year’s Salzgitter International Management Development Program (SIMDP) kicked off in Dresden, Germany, on May 08th, bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds and companies around the world. In an interconnected world, fostering effective leadership skills and promoting international collaboration are essential for organizations to thrive. Let us delve into the remarkable journey of this program and the impact it had on the participants.

Fostering Engagement and Fun
The module commenced on an engaging note as the Chief Personnel Officer of Salzgitter AG, Mr. Kieckbusch, welcomed all participants virtually. Mr. Kieckbusch shared insightful inputs, encouraging the participants to make the most of the program while emphasizing the importance of enjoyment and having fun throughout the journey – he playfully recommended a local cocktail bar, where participants could unwind and forge memorable connections outside of the training sessions. Cheers!

An Immersive Learning Experience
The participants quickly established an atmosphere of mutual trust and camaraderie. Openness, a sense of humor and a willingness to learn from each other were evident throughout the program. Over the course of five days, the program covered a range of crucial topics related to leadership, such as delegation, personality traits, psychological safety, and coaching. Through workshops, interactive sessions, and practical exercises, participants were equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles. The program facilitators brought diverse backgrounds and expertise to the table, creating a dynamic learning environment.

Fostering Connections and Networking
One of the program’s standout aspects was the networking opportunities it provided. Participants had the chance to interact with colleagues from different companies in the group, forging connections that extend beyond the training program. The shared experiences and insights strengthened professional bonds and encouraged collaboration on future projects.

Exploring Dresden’s Rich History
In addition to the training, the program organizers arranged a guided tour of Dresden, offering participants a glimpse into the city’s remarkable history and rebuilding efforts. This excursion provided a broader perspective, highlighting the resilience and determination of the people of Dresden.

Looking Ahead
The start of the international development program in Dresden left an impression on all participants. The knowledge gained, the connections made, and the personal growth achieved have set the stage for future achievements within their organizations. The program continues over the summer with online sessions, allowing participants to deepen their knowledge and network. The journey culminates in the third and final module, scheduled for November, in the city of Göttingen.

About the SIMDP
The SIMDP, which is already in its 9th run, is aimed at managers and experts with several years of professional experience in international group companies or with international interfaces.

About the participants
The participants of this years’ international development program hailed from a diverse range of countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia, and the USA.
This program also saw representation from many companies in the Salzgitter Group, namely Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH, KHS GmbH, KHS Pacific Pty. Ltd, KHS Asia Pte Ltd, DESMA Slovakia s.r.o., Klöckner DESMA Machinery Pvt. Ltd., DESMA Rubber Injection Machinery (Wuxi) Co. Ltd., Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, Salzgitter Mannesmann Handel GmbH, Salzgitter Mannesmann Staalhandel B.V., Salzgitter Mannesmann (Scandinavia) AB and Salzgitter Mannesmann International do Brasil Ltda.

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