Fourteen young professionals from the whole Salzgitter Group joined the Salzgitter International Training Program in April 2019. They come from all over the world: China, Brazil, the United States, India, Romania, the Netherlands and Germany. The Program, abbreviated as SITP, consists of 3 different modules of 4 or 5 days each. Working on soft skills (e.g. teambuilding) is one common target the group will follow up during their encounters. They will get to know new working techniques (e.g. setting priorities and planning effectively) and learn to increase intercultural awareness and self reflection. And maybe far more than that. But see for yourself what the team experienced:

Three months after seeing one another in Hannover, the time had passed quickly and the team was once again reunited!  For this final module we met in the beautiful and historical city of Dresden. We were all ecstatic to meet again and to catch up on each other’s lives, since our last module together.

Day 1 – Business Simulation

The training started with a business simulation. This simulation was based on a board game which illustrated different financial scenarios. For most of us, this topic was unfamiliar and a new challenge. There were a lot of takeaways from this board game but in the end we all experienced how different approaches or strategies can affect the balance sheet and the cash flow of the Company.

In the evening, we all went out to discover Dresden. Our local guide offered us numerous facts and information regarding the history of the city. We were all impressed as we explored. The day ended with a perfect dinner in the hotel. Each of us brought a local dish from our countries of origin to share with the group, a wonderful and worldly variety of flavours and dishes.

Day 2 – Target group analysis & orientation / Problem solving

Based on our Temperaments (according to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter), we broke into groups and discussed our strengths and weaknesses, what motivates us, what are our expectations and how we see ourselves as leaders. With this new and deeper understanding of ourselves and each other, we were given the challenge to ‘rescue the princess’ together. Not only did we rescue the princess once, but twice we successfully conquered this task. In the end, we saw how good we are when we work in groups, respecting and using each other´s abilities.

The day ended with delicious traditional German dishes in a local restaurant.

Day 3 – Motivation and Influence

The training continued with the basics of motivation and influence. We challenged our creativity as we split into small groups and created solutions for a better workplace life. Within our group, we developed different project proposals, focused on the health and wellbeing of employees at Salzgitter Group. Later in the day, we had a rich and intense experience as we practiced receiving and giving feedback. We learned a little more about ourselves through the eyes of others and we were able to share our insights on others directly with them.

Day 4 – Learning Consolidation / Plan of Action

The fourth day began in a different way by building an individual representation of ourselves with Lego Serious Play and representing our growth along this journey. We chose ten words to match these Lego designs that defined our view of ourselves. The highlight of the day, no doubt, was the preparation and sharing of our learnings, visions, expectations and thoughts of the entire program to the group and our guest Frank Gießelmann. It was an exciting moment which we all stood proud and truly cheered for each individual as they presented to the group. This amazing day concluded with a dinner in the restaurant Freiberger Schankhaus, another special moment with special people that will never be forgotten.

“The final module was a powerful conclusion to the entire training program. I learned a lot about myself that proved to be helpful in learning how to improve the way I work with others in a team”

Day 5 – Wishes and Interests / Good Bye

It was quite hard to wake up and think about the last day, but at the time, the feelings of accomplishment and the many plans for our bright future motivated us to continue with the day. After some time to reflect on ourselves and our journey, we had an exchange of ideas, feelings and visions. We all sat together and discussed our expectations and shared the exciting ideals of future paths we want to venture. Then the moment we wished to avoid, happened – our goodbyes. Because saying goodbye was so difficult, it became evident how wonderful this program has been in all of our lives. It encourages us to continue to be the best version of ourselves. The decision was made then, that SITP never ends and we will follow our new ways, always looking back at our learnings from this entire journey.

“I am so thankful to have this training experience and beyond grateful for the friendships that were formed and the knowledge I walk away with.”

Frank Gießelmann

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