Test your mettle in the Virtual Steelmaking Challenge, which is presented by the e-learning plattform steeluniversity! Use your creativity, planning and steel knowledge to win fame, an overseas trip and a cash prize!

Who can take part?
There are two categories of entry. You can enter as a university student or as a new steel industry employee (employed with your company for less than three years).

How does it work?
At 12:00 GMT on 15 November 2011, Round 1 of the challenge will start. You will have 24 hours to complete an order for a specific grade of steel using the linked blast furnace and basic oxygen steelmaking simulations at steeluniversity.org. You can enter as an individual or in a team. You can make as many attempts as you want during the 24 hours.

How is the winner selected?
The simulations measure the cost of producing the specified steel grade. The winner is the entrant who successfully completes the simulations at the lowest overall cost. The winners are selected at two levels: Regional Champions in Round 1 and the World Champion in Round 2.
Round 1
Regional Champions will be selected for each of the following regions: North America, Latin America, Europe-CIS, Middle East-India- Africa, and East Asia-Oceania. They will be invited to take part in the final, Round 2, with full sponsorship of their trip!
Round 2
will take place in February 2012 at the World Steel Association in Brussels. The event will be witnessed by the leaders of the global steel industry.

The World Champions (one for each category) will receive a trophy and €1,000 prize, The Runners-up will receive €250 and a certificate.

PS: Salzgitter AG is a member of World Steel Association which developed steeluniversity.org .

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