With this blog entry we continue the series of our employees taking you on a journey through different countries, plants and functions throughout the Salzgitter Group and thus introducing you to our internationality – be inspired.


Name: Walford S. Nugent
Job title: Cargo Superintendent
Office in: Houston, Texas, USA
Company: Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH
On board: since 2001



After working quite some years with Steel Trading Companies, colleagues and I started the USA branch of the Salzgitter Mannesmann division.

My tasks and responsibilities are to ensure good quality, proper handling and quantity of our cargo prior to loading, during loading and on arrival at the destinations. In this process I’m protecting the company’s interests against losses, claims and challenges from suppliers, customers and vendors.

What I like most about it, is the opportunity of being able to liaise with people of different ethnic groups, origins and cultures around the world. Moreover, it is fascinating to experience that despite being separated by vast oceans we are all working towards the same goal of survival through global trade.

My usual day starts @ 0300 hrs. with arrival at the office @ 0445 hrs. continuing thru to 1600 hrs. when my stomach says it’s time for my first daily meal. Various issues such as giving detailed instructions to stevedoring companies, liaising closely with our trading departments on rates for our varying steel products, handling meeting with lawyers or monthly marine, domestic & inventory declarations usually fill my day.

My biggest challenge is to deal with opposing attorneys or insurance surveyors in a court when it comes to claim settlements as in most cases their position is one of denial, denial, denial. In the end Salzgitter never loses as the five “P” of business (proper planning prevents poor performance) were applied.

As being one who was here from the inception when we only had a handful of personnel and very small and limited office space, working for Salzgitter means to me being part of the growth of Salzgitter USA and being part of the recognition we have come to realize under the leadership of Claus Gundlach and Kai Hartge. And lastly I am now the senior statesman of the office who continues to teach those of the younger generation the concept of our business and creates a mindset of a personal achievement which I would not trade for anything else barring retirement.

Markus Rottwinkel

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