Three months after coming together in Hanover, the 2018 SITP team reunited. On our way to Dresden, we all shared mixed feelings. We were very excited to meet again yet saddened because of the upcoming end of the training program. Indeed, we all knew it was going to be our last week together as a group.

Group Thumbs UpDay 1 – The 13 Managing Directors

We kicked off day 1 with a business simulation. This business simulation was based on a board game which illustrated different business scenarios. This meant (for most of the group) dealing with topics that were unfamiliar. The financial figures were incorporated into the business simulation in a way that everybody could follow where the money was going. The simulation showed us how different business decisions affect the balance sheet and the cash flow of a company. At the end of the business simulation, we were able to calculate a few key figures like ROI (Return of Investment), ROE (Return on Equity), Equity Ratio, etc.

The evening included a city tour across Dresden. The local guide gave us the opportunity to have a closer look into this beautiful city and its remarkable history. A full day of learning and exploring ended with dinner in the hotel and the sharing of the latest news.

Day 2 – Transfer, Stakeholder Orientation & Creative Problem Solving

First, we presented what happened after the last module: professionally and personally. We also talked about our individual developments. We saw improvements from all of us, some big and some small. Furthermore, we focused on stakeholder orientation by working with the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, which describes four different temperaments divided into two categories (roles). It was necessary to learn more about ourselves: we talked about our drivers and about our views on leadership and used this to develop ways of adapting to stakeholder needs.

By using the “5-Whys”, we discussed how to solve problems in a creative, yet structured way. We used two examples to dig further and found out what was the real problem below the surface. All in all, it was a very busy day which was rounded off by a traditional dinner in the vault of “Sophienkeller”.

Day 3 – Motivation & Influence

Our training continued with the basics of motivation & Influence. We got to know how to influence people with a structured presentation. One of the group had to convince the stakeholders that all the water supplies in the location had to be replaced by milk – that was a lot of fun.

During a walk through the beautiful park “Grosser Garten” we gave each other feedback. We never got so much constructive feedback at once. Afterwards, we shared our future vision with each other – a very touching moment for all of us. Back at the conference room we started to prepare the final SITP presentation. For the rest of the day, we had free time: Time to discover Dresden on our own.

Day 4 – All good things come to an end

Even though we had one more day to go, Day 4 already felt like saying goodbye. The whole day focused on wrapping-up the SITP 2018. What started as a presentation to conclude our learnings and personal developments ended in emotional speeches about learning together, friendship and being Younited! One of the great metaphors was built on Thor’s hammer. The hammer is loaded with all the knowledge, methods and reflection we went through during SITP. The only chance to lift Thor’s hammer is becoming Thor himself. And speaking quite frankly here, after all we experienced, learned and shared; we felt like superheroes ;-). In a closing round with Frank Gießelmann we discussed the development of SITP for upcoming years.  What should we improve? What should we keep? It was a great opportunity to share some insights and ideas as participants and hopefully some of the points will be implemented in next year’s SITP.

The day ended with some Haxe (Knuckle) and Bier (Beer) at the Schankhaus Freiberger. We leave the rest to your imagination…

Thnking outside the boxDay 5 – “Piercing and Farewell”

The official last day of the SITP was reserved for a guided plant tour at Salzgitter Mannesmann Rohr Sachsen in Zeithain (close to Dresden). This plant was focused on supplying primarily seamless hollows to the precision tube mills of the Salzgitter Group and producing finished steel tubes as well as components for the automotive industry. At first, our guide Dr. Keuerleber stated a few key facts about the company and explained the technical theory of the innovative combination of a three-roll piercing elongating mill with a push bench. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to look at the production facility and to see the special piercing mill in action. Altogether, this last joined activity was really a captivating and informative experience.

After the return to the hotel and our last lunch together, it was time to say goodbye. Everybody felt sorrowful because colleagues from all over the world became friends and nobody knows if there will be a possibility to meet again in the future.

During this training, we learned a lot about ourselves as a group, and also as individuals. We shared knowledge and emotions. Despite of our differences, we managed to make it work as a team and even enjoyed learning from one another. We can sum up this story of SITP 2018 in six words: Started journey alone, finished as team. SITP 2018 is now over, but « may the journey continue…. » (Author: SITP 2018 team)Plant Visit

Frank Gießelmann

Drei Dinge, die mir zur Salzgitter AG einfallen: 1. Glückauf! 2. Windräder 3. Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht (...Stahl niemals)

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