KHS AbfüllanlageTo be successfully working with complex products in an international environment it needs a good network and sound expertise. Especially for new colleagues, but also for experienced employees with new fields of activities, KHS offers the “International Product Trainings for Sales and Projectmanagement”. This training format is focussed on both – over 4 weeks at 5 German production sites 15 trainings on KHS products, such as filling, labelling or packaging machines, are offered. Invited are colleagues from all over the world.

One of them is Danijela Petrovic, Area Sales Manager for Austria and Hungary. She got on board on 01.03.2017 and joined the product trainings straight away. How does it feel to spend the first working days in the middle of new colleagues, future contact persons and most importantly – the machines she is about to consult customers on?

“I have just concluded my 4 week product training for sales and project management that has taken me to the production sites in Dortmund, Bad Kreuznach, Hamburg, Worms, and Kleve. It has been really impressive to see the full scope of the KHS portfolio and production capabilities. Such a tour gives you a clear picture of how high the expertise level is. Of course, as you can imagine, it is a large amount of information in a short amount of time, but the passion and enthusiasm of the experts who were training us is a great source of inspiration.

FlaschenreinigungsmaschineFor me, the most interesting part so far was to visit the blow moulding center in Hamburg and the packaging center in Kleve. I am convinced that the expertise that we can offer in these areas is and will be of great value for our customers. Also, being in direct contact with the equipment in the plant (e.g. walking on top of a bottle washer in Dortmund) really helped to put a practical side and give a tangible shape to the theory.

Last but not least, the training offers an important opportunity to meet new colleagues within the company and build a good internal network. Being the trainees a group of 12 colleagues from all around the world, that also added an intercultural dimension to these weeks that I enjoyed very much.”

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