Very much like the City of Dresden, throughout the Salzgitter International Training Program (SITP) we have been a part of continuous renovations that have helped us rediscover our approach to our daily business and responsibilities. Compared to module 1, all the ice is gone as winter has passed and we have broken the ice as a group. Compared to module 2, the storm and rain has passed (along with the challenging Development Center) and finally Module 3 arrived where we experienced great weather and great times together as a group in Dresden!


DresdenWe quickly got on track with a Business Simulation in which we went step by step throughout various business activities of a company in order to review the financial status and changes. We saw the impact of different business decisions by supporting the activities with key figure indicators. This helped us to better understand why some decisions are taken in our companies and supported us in learning to value the financial side of our business even more. Our evening program led us through beautiful Dresden, where we learned how the city developed and was influenced by King Augustus the Strong.

During the second day we set out to get to know ourselves better. We were asked to identify our personality by answering some questions that link to our preferences. Some of these were very easy to nail down but in other areas we could relate to both sides, often depending on personal and professional situations; this showed us our ability to expand and adapt our preferences as needed.

Day three was centered around motivation and influence. Dependent on the personality and preferences of others, we should try to use different approaches to appeal to our managers, colleagues, or customers, for example. We received additional insight on personality traits and the preferences for each personality style to support these approaches. In regards to team performance we have learned that greatly contradicting personalities may struggle in working together, BUT if properly facilitated and guided, the diverse teams are also the best performing teams.

We also had the opportunity to practice our influencing techniques by trying to convince our counterparts to support us with various tasks. We recognized different approaches and had a chance to adapt our technique to achieve our goals. In a motivational exercise, we were assigned complex and sometimes unpopular topics and were asked to motivate our audience to promote our ideas through short presentations. With great visual aids and creative presentations we were able to portray these topics into real possibilities. We would now not be surprised if the Salzgitter Group decided to implement a 4-day work week and forks were forbidden in the cafeteria (just to name a few).

All this creativity led the group into a much needed Feedback round. After hearing first impressions and feedback from the others during module one, we had the opportunity to build upon that feedback while walking together in a park. All of us developed during the SITP and we all could see how we have grown in our learning areas. We saw great transformations in each other as individuals, as well as in the group. It was very exciting to give and receive feedback, as it provided us with a very healthy way of realizing how others see us. This feedback was in fact as healthy for us as the 1.5 km walk in the park with friends.Problem Solving

On day four we had a visit from Frank Gießelmann, SZAG program coordinator, and were given the opportunity to give back to the SITP. Together with our learning groups we prepared creative presentations on the results and impact of the SITP. With various approaches, we found our own ways of demonstrating the importance of this program and our development. We illustrated different ways this program has already started to change our approach to work situations and have shown what benefits this will bring the company in the near future.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, but may we say it was a magnificent end with a delicious dinner all together.

We have had the privilege of participating on this select training program with wonderful colleagues from all over the world, with brilliant coaches and settings. If there would be a recipe to success then we have to say Salzgitter is doing things the right way because if something looks good, smells good, and feels good then it has to be good!  From all the participants in the SITP 2016 we want to say thank you!

Looking forward to seeing you all again in a possible Module 4!!!! ;o)Presentation Day 4

The SITP 2016 Team: Andres Briceño (KHS Mexico S.A. de C.V.), Cherry Yun Fan (KHS CBE, China), Andrew Faude (KHS USA, Inc.), Rocky Luo (KHS Filling&Packaging Co, China), Daniel Neubert (Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH), Fabrice Pascal (Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH), Christoph Pelt (KHS GmbH), Kevin Rathbun (KHS USA, Inc.), Stefanie Rehm (Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH), Shqipe Reshani (Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH), Rohit Shahane (KHS Machinery Pvt.Ltd. India), Philipp Shene (Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH), Sebastian Ulrich (Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH)



Frank Gießelmann

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